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Harbor Light Wellness Center & Erickson Chiropractic, PC

Release, Relax, Heal

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Meet Dr. Erickson

In addition to being in private practice since 1997,  Dr. Erickson holds advanced degrees in Clinical Neurology and in the fields of Health Psychology and Health Science. He has lectured internationally throughout the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. Before pursing a career in the healing arts, Dr. Erickson was the youngest person to have achieved the status of Master Electrician and operated a company that handled all of the local hospital's electrical needs. 

Beyond his formal education and business experience, Dr. Erickson was a Drug Free Powerlifting Champion and received corporate sponsorship from Pepsi-Cola and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Having retired from active competition, he went on to be one of the few individuals to achieve black belt rankings in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and in the Hayastan System of grappling under Gokor Chivichyan, who is considered a living legend and one of the best judo, sambo, and jiu-jitsu practitioners to have ever practiced these arts. 

Drawing from this broad spectrum of experiences, Dr. Erickson practices in a manner in which the goal of treatment is to first understand a person's concerns and experiences, and then to assist them in a manner that could be described as encouragement, rather than forcing something to happen. Many people are surprised at how gentle and nonjudgemental the experience of being treated by Dr. Erickson can be. 

My Specializations

Degrees Obtained:

BS. Human Biology Logan University, St. Louis MO

Doctor of Chiropractic Logan University, St. Louis MO

Diplomate in Clinical Neurology Logan University, St. Louis MO

PhD in Healthy Psychology/Health Science St. Martin's College, Lancaster University, Lancaster England. 

Certified HeartMath Practitioner

Clinical Neurology

Neuromusculoskeletal Disorders

Health Psychology

Strength Training and Performance improvement

Certified HeartMath Practitioner

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

What Patients Say

"If you are looking for a capable, well-educated look you in the eye and listen kind of Chiropractor, look no further! I walked in with tears in my eyes from the pain after going way too long without care and walked out ready to go dancing. Thank you so much for helping me." 

Carole Haney

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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